Research & Development

At SprayBuilt®, research is conducted systematically to increase our stock of knowledge, and using this knowledge, we develop new and improved products and service.

New product development is a crucial factor in the survival of any company. Technology in the coatings industry is fast-changing. We continually expand our range of products and service, so that we remain ahead of our competition and meet or exceed the needs of our customers. SprayBuilt® is driven by solid marketing research, positioning the needs of our customers first.

Our technically superior product range is developed so that the application process is as efficient as possible. This gives SprayBuilt® contractors a natural advantage in the marketplace and the end-user is provided an applied product which is proven to perform.

The investment SprayBuilt® makes in research and development reflects the willingness to sacrifice profit to maintain our technological advantage and guarantee that "natural advantage" enjoyed by SprayBuilt® contractors.

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