SB Technical Representation

SprayBuilt® support services are coordinated and communicated through SprayBuilt Technical Liaisons (SB Techs) who observe and report the operations of authorized SB Contractors along with their supporting contractors, sub-contractors and all employees thereof, involved in the SB process.

SB Techs are mutually beneficial to both SB Corporate and SB Contractors in that they ensure problems are avoided in the field, maintaining integrity of the SprayBuilt® brand. They are actively involved in the delivery of consumer satisfaction, guaranteeing repeat customers.

SB Techs make corrective recommendations when needed, authorising or denying procedures related to the application of SprayBuilt products, reporting their findings to improve quality while increasing SB Contractor accountabilty. Inspection reports create valuable documentation used to improve SB products and services offered by SB Contractors.

There are two types of SB Techs, Technical Representatives and Technical Consultants

SB Technical Representatives and Consultants are recruited by Regional Technical Director and are approved by SprayBuilt® Corporate.

SB Techs have experience and training in all aspects of the SB process, including project analysis, product specfication, surface preparation, product application, technical documentation and customer relations. All of these elements are an essential part of quality assurance.

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