SprayBuilt® Technical liaisons (SB Tech) are responsible for monitoring the SB Contractor's progress in fulfilling of the scope of work specified in their contract and doing so in compliance with the requirements of SB Corporate.

The SB Tech ensures that all required documentation and data are properly prepared and submitted on schedule as the various stages of the process are completed. Should the SB Contractor fail to fulfill his contractual requirements, the SB Tech must inform SB Corporate of such failure, technical or contractual problems or delays.

The SB Tech maintains quality control records, approves procedure and performs final inspection and acceptance of work performed under the contract.

There are limits to the authority delegated to the SB Tech. The SB Tech is not authorized to make any commitments or obligations on behalf of SprayBuilt® Corporate. The SB Tech may not grant the SB Contractor permission to deviate from requirements, or to perform any work outside that, stated in the contract or specified by SB Corporate guidelines for product application or delivery of service.

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