On October 15, 2009 SprayBuilt® (SB), issued a memorandum which established a standardized training program for SB Technical Liaisons (SB Techs). The program was developed by SB Regional Technical Directors in coordination with industry professionals. The program applies to all SB Techs except those Technical Consultants subject to special consideration stipulated by contract. All SB Techs appointed after October 15, 2009 must be certified no later than six months from their date of appointment. SB Techs who received their appointment before October 15, 2009 must ensure that training is obtained, and they are recertified no later than 12 months from the effective date of the memorandum.

The SB Techs must have a minimum of 160 hours of training, including 80 hours of training in essential SB Tech competencies. The SB Tech competencies include project management, decision making, market research, problem solving and negotiations. The remaining 80 hours of training should include courses relating to the specific needs of the SB Contractor, in an effort to sensitise SB Techs to the issues surrounding SB Service Center operations. Once the SB Tech receives their certification they are required to earn credit for 160 continued SB Learning Points every two years thereafter.

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