To adjust your thermostat without the fear of escalating energy bills is truly liberating for a homeowner. Rising energy costs are an annual occurance in today's economy. The only way to counter this is by reducing consumption. Keeping cold are in and warm air out in summer and the reverse in winter has the greatest impact. Regulating home temperature is as much as 40% of the average home's energy costs. There are multiple SprayApps™ for this.

Insula™ is a complete line of sprayed polyurethane foam (SPF) insulation. StyroTite™ is a 2.0 pcf wall foam with a thermal value of R6 per inch. StyroSeal™ is a 3.0 pcf wall foam with a thermal value of R7 per inch. Both of these products can help reduce energy costs year round while creating an air and moisture barrier for added protection and increased health benefits.

StryoLite™ is a 0.5 pcf SPF wall and attic ceiling system with a thermal value of R5 per inch. StyroLite™ does not create a moisture barrier but does eliminate air movement and also acts as a sound dampener within your home and in exterior walls. The added advantage is lower installed cost over StyroTite™.

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