Authorized Contractor

Are you already a polyurea applicator or contractor experienced in the coatings or waterproofing industry? If you are looking for a unique platform to expand your existing product line or just starting to venture into the world of fast-set, plural-component polymers, SprayBuilt® (SB) can help.

Even if you have little or no prior experience with polyureas, the SB training program can give you the knowledge and experience you need to become an authorized SB contractor.

Establishing a SprayBuilt® Service CenterTM is a smart move for an entrepreneur. Our extensive range of products makes your business truly diverse. Rather than depending on one or two products for one or two applications, SprayBuilt® Service CentersTM can service the following markets.

  • general waterproofing
  • spray-applied insulation
  • decorative commercial flooring
  • swimming pool coating
  • parking deck restoration and coatings
  • sundeck and balcony construction and coating
  • conventional and green-roofing systems
  • bridge restoration and anti-corrosion projects
  • chemical containment projects

Clearly more than just one market to expand into. We encourage you to contact us today and get started.

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