It is always risky investing money in product just to experiment, in hopes of liking what you see. SprayBuilt® (SB) helps to reduce this risk with our Trial by Spray™ offer.

If you are already applying plural-component, fast-set polymers and own your own equipment, you are able to sample our products. Contact us and confirm which brand of equipment you are already using. If the equipment is able to process materials at the ratio required and is compatible with our systems, we will send you liquid samples of some of the products which you are most interested in. Simply pay the shipping costs and we will send the product no charge.

When you see firsthand the reliability of SB products, you can continue to purchase and apply the materials on a six month trial basis prior to becoming an authorized SprayBuilt® applicator. Under certain circumstances, the trial basis can be extended. This allows you to make certain you are making the right choice without being pressured. Once certified by SprayBuilt®, you can look into establishing a SprayBuilt® Service Center™ in your area.

If you currently do not own plural component spray equipment and would like to receive cured samples contact us.

If you are shopping for new plural-component spray equipment use our online resources to learn about some of the best brands available, including our own house brand.

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