DS-111 DeckSpray™ is a fast-set, 100% solids, aliphatic polyurea coating containing no solvents or VOC. DS-111 is a plural component product. Side A is an isocyanate and side B is a polyol mixed at a 1:1 ratio by volume. The reaction time is noticeably faster than DS-100 resulting in better texturing ability in colder weather. This material must be heated during application.

DS-111 was developed to provide a UV resistant, color stable top coat over DS-270 DeckCast™ , an aromatic base coat used mainly for pedestrian walkways and balconies. The color stability of this product is achieved using ColorPur™ Technology.

DS-111 provides an excellent wear surface for heavy commercial pedestrian traffic. It is resistant to peeling, chipping and abrasion. If, through extreme abuse, damage should occur, DS-111 offers seamless and virtually undetectable patching and repair capabilities.

DS-111 is available in fifty (50) standard colors. SprayBuilt® ColorPur™ technicians offer custom color matching services through SprayBuilt® Contractors, making color choices unlimited.

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