EP-902 PrimEx™ WB is a slow-cure, 42% solids by volume, water-based epoxy primer extender containing no solvents or VOC. EP-902 is a plural component product. Side A is an epoxy resin and side B is an amine activator mixed at a 1:4 ratio by volume. This material is pigmented a pastel green and turns chalky in color when the water has evaporated and is ready for coating. EP-902 is a batch mix material which is roll applied although it can be sprayed through conventional single component paint sprayers if desired.

EP-902 was developed to extend the open time of SC-914 Primaset™. Using EP-902 over SC-914 creates an application window of seven days. EP-902 is suggested for use within the TrafficDeck™ system.

EP-902 PrimEx™ WB does not diminish the adhesive properties of the TrafficDeck™ system. EP-902 is not intended to be used on below-grade applications. EP-902 is designed for use on concrete surfaces or masonry block which has been primed first with SC-914. EP-902 is also an excellent primer for direct to metal roof applications.

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