VT-950 VitriPrime™ is a slow-cure, 100% solids, epoxy primer containing no solvents or VOC. VT-950 is a plural component product. Side A is an epoxy resin and side B is an amine activator mixed at a 1:1 ratio by volume. Ambient and material temperature affect VT-950 which becomes faster reacting as heat is increased. This material should be warm during application to decrease viscosity for best results.

VT-950 was developed to provide an ultra-low-viscosity primer for the Vitrius product line on concrete applications. VT-950 penetrates deeply into porous surfaces creating excellent bond with low DFT that reduces the pin-holing effects caused by off-gassing and surface air displacements. VitriPrime adheres well to most metals, organic polymers, wood, masonry and vitreous surfaces. Contains no solvents and is therefore good with EPS foam board and moisture cure caulks. This product can be batch-mixed or sprayed through plural component systems.

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