DS-200 is a 100% solids, aromatic polyurea hybrid coating containing no solvents or VOC. DS-200 is a plural component product. Side A is an isocyanate and side B is a polyol mixed at a 1:1 ratio by volume.

DS-200 was developed to provide a relatively temperature stable and predictable base coat for use under DS-100 DeckSpray™, an aliphatic top coat which provides color options for pedestrian traffic applications such as decks and balconies. When applied at 80 mil thick, over a properly prepared substrate, DS-200 is a durable structural coating over plywood exhibiting dynamic joint movement.

DS-200 is available in base coat grey, although earth-tone colors are available for utility-style applications. Other color options are available for indoor use where UV exposure is a non-issue. DS-200 is an aromatic polyurea hybrid which exhibits slight surface degredation when exposed to UV light. This effect causes the material to shift in color, yellowing deeper, the more UV light exposure it is subjected to. For this reason, a UV resistant top coat must be used to protect DS-200. Repair and resurfacing adhesion is excellent as long as the correct primers are used, namely SC-907 ReactiSolve™ and SC-914 Primaset™. Repair work cannot be feathered, as all repair applications of DS-200 must achieve a minimum thickness of 65 mil. The result is a utility-grade apprearance.

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