is a slow-cure, 20% solids, polyurethane primer containing a solvent called Xylene. SC-915 is a single component product. This material should be warm, not hot, during application for best results. CAUTION - This material is flammable!

SC-915 Primathix has been designed for use as a thin film sealer/primer. It is not intended to be applied as a coating, rather its purpose is to absorb into and completely saturate the surface of any porous substrate, such as wood, concrete or fiberglass. The high rate of absorption into a substrate is due to the ultra low viscosity of the product itself. When used in this manner, SC-915 chemically converts the substrate into a surface with the chemical composition of urethane. This enhances the adhesion of subsequent coatings by adding chemical adhesion to any already existing mechanical adhesion.

Additionally SC-915 acts as a sealer, displacing air molecules from voids in the surface of a porous substrate, thus reducing pin-holing. Once SC-915 gels, transmission of vapor (both air and moisture) through the surface of the substrate from below is greatly reduced, further reducing pin-holing. SC-915 may also be used as an adhesive between old and newly applied coatings. When using SC-915 over old, especially UV damaged coatings such as epoxies, polyurethanes or polyureas, SC-907 ReactiSolve may be required as an additional primer which must be applied before SC-915. SC-907 ReactiSolve temporarily reactivates old coatings in preparation for other primers with longer open times.

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