Benefits of using DeckSpray

DeckSpray™ is not a solvent-based or water-based system unlike traditional paint products. DeckSpray contains undiluted liquid components which convert 100% to a solid state. The advantages over traditional paints are clear, in that DeckSpray contains no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and will not loose mass or shrink as it cures.

By definition, the term "100% solids" means the coating system does not use any solvent or water to dissolve, carry or reduce any of the coating resins. Further, the resins normally still in a liquid state, will convert, 100%, to a solid film after application.

The viscosity of the coating system is determined by the selection and design of the resin components. It is not determined by the addition of a solvent or water, although these have usually been used in the industry for the purpose of reducing viscosity.

A good formulator is able to design a 100% solids…

Recent advances in coatings formulations, application technology and curing technology have allowed the 100% solids UV coating to look more like the old low solids technology. These developments could be very significant for an industry that is being harassed by environmental regulators across North America. The major advantages of 100% solids spray UV, according to Chuck Gambino, R&D specialist for Bayer Material Science, "Is that there is no long flash time needed to dry out water or solvent. This also means that the foot-print of a 100% solids UV spray can be 100 to 300 ft. shorter than a comparable solvent-based or water-based line. The space savings can be quite significant."

DeckSpray is not a solvent, water-based or otherwise diluted paint. DeckSpray™ contains 100% solids and will not shrink as it cures.

DeckSpray™ is a coating system which provides an attractive, waterproof and abrasion-resistant wear surface for your balcony. This system is slip-resistant, without the use of cast aggregates, creating an easier to clean surface. DeckSpray™ is designed for roofing applications on decks over occupied areas. It is intended for heavy commercial pedestrian traffic and has additional secondary applications.

DeckSpray™ is a system which includes a number of SprayBuilt® products. Primers, polyurea hybrid basecoats, and aliphatic polyurea topcoats are used in this system.

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Other products do not compete with DeckSpray, they a merely alternatives to quality.

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