TrafficDeck™ System - waterproofing vehicular traffic membrane

TrafficDeck™ is a coating system developed to protect concrete parking structures from surface wear, chemical contamination and moisture. This system is primarily used for parking structures and pedestrian walkways, although it has many secondary applications. The TrafficDeck System is comprised of three products. A primer is required to create a chemical bond and reduce porosity issues by penetrating into the porous surface. The basecoat creates a waterproof layer which exhibits all of the necessary physical characteristics required to withstand heavy vehicle traffic. Finally, a rapid curing topcoat with excellent adhesion properties is applied to protect the basecoat from oxidation and provide a slip-resistant surface for vehicle and pedestrian traffic. An unique feature of the TrafficDeck System is the self-texturing properties of TraffiTop. This eliminates the need for braodcast aggregate which relies on a slow-cure, temperature dependant topcoat for encapsulation. The end result is more control over finish and function with faster return-to-service, even in cold weather!

TrafficDeck™ requires the following products:

Optional Products:

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