Vitrius™ - epoxy flooring systems

Vitrius™ is our complete line of epoxy products for commercial and industrial flooring.

VitriPrime is the essential foundation for superior performance in an epoxy flooring system. VitriPrime is an ultra-low viscosity, solvent-free formulation for deep substrate pentration and zero shrinkage.

  • 1A:1B ratio for easy measuring, metering and monitoring
  • batch mix and roll or machine sprayable
  • can be field catalysed **Privolex**
  • 100% solids, no solvent resulting in zero shrinkage or surface tension
  • ultra-low viscosity providing superior pentration
  • flexible recoat window

VitriShield is a highly chemical-resistant epoxy floor coating for use over VitriPrime. Available in fifteen standard colors, VitriShield provides an excellent commercial or industrial flooring solution. VitriSHield is high-gloss with excellent scratch and wear-resistance. VitriShield contains NO fillers.

  • 1A:1B ratio
  • batch mix or machine sprayable
  • 100% solids
  • superior adhesion to existing epoxy systems
  • attractive color selection

VitriSpar is the end solution for a color-stable and UV-impervious finish as a clearcoat over VitriShield or as a final color and clear coat over VitriPrime. AVailable if fifty colors, VitriSpar offers unlimited cosmetic finish options.

  • 1A:1B ratio
  • batch mix or machine spray
  • 100% solids
  • UV impervious
  • chemical resistant
  • superior wear
  • extensive color options
  • available as a clear coat

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