Often new applications require the development of new products. Products are developed to meet the specific requirements of a client or application in when available products cannot fill the need.

Full-custom design (FCD) products are developed when existing formulations cannot provide an adequate basis for redesign. For instance, a plateau may have been reached with current available raw materials or technology. Technology must be advanced through research and increased knowledge. Development of new formulas using new raw materials must be initiated.

Custom-redesign (CRD) products are developed from existing formulations which need improvement to meet a certain criteria. A CRD may also involved research or new raw materials, but it is based on existing formulations and stored knowledge. The base formulation is usually from the SprayBuilt product line but when approached by an individual or company with an existing product of their own, SprayBuilt may accept the commission to rework the product.

The disadvantages of FCD can include increased manufacturing and design time, increased non-recurring engineering costs, more complexity in the application process and possibly outsourcing or research to a specialized design team with a higher technical knowledge of the raws involved.

However a FCD or CRD can offer considerable performance/cost benefits with lower failure risk. Once developed, field trials also offer the possibility to "hand-tweak" or manually optimize any performance-limiting aspect of the design. This can result in an extremely marketable product with potential for high-volume production. High-volume production can offset engineering costs.

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