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SprayBuilt® is a Nevada based corporation with manufacturing facilities in the Southern United States. Our product research & development facilities are in Western Canada, where the climates reach extremes of hot and cold – ideal conditions for real world testing.

Although centered in North America, SprayBuilt® operates worldwide through experienced and strategically placed representatives and service centers.

SprayBuilt® (SB) is no stranger to challenges. Developing product for new markets across the globe requires innovation, determination and a spirit of cooperation.

Each day, new insight from engineers, architects and contractors around the world streams into our organisation, creating a unique wealth of knowledge from which to grow new ideas – a true collaboration of global relationships. SB continues to welcome new associates, endeavouring to build our industry's best brand and develop the absolute best network of polyurea products and services possible.

If you ready to take hold of an opportunity to join us, then please contact us. SB looks forward to becoming more familiar with new foreign markets and meeting the demands in your region.

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